Ceylon and Beyond are an independent catering company based in Bristol.
We offer quality catering for events, weddings, corporate functions and private parties.

You can also find our street food stall popping up at street food markets across the south west, as well as music festivals, campsites and food and drink events.

We specialise in vegan and vegetarian food and have an extensive range of meat-free menus available.

Whatever your occasion, we offer friendly, expert guidance from day one.
We begin every enquiry process with an informal chat, dissecting your needs and ideas.
Once we understand our clients, we can formulate the perfect menu, service and set up for you, ensuring your special day is a huge success.

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“We believe that food is medicine, both for the body and soul. Nutrition is one of our core values, and we promote healthy, sustainable choices in every dish.”

“We believe that food is medicine, both for the body and soul. Nutrition is one of our core values, and we promote healthy, sustainable choices in every dish.”

We use locally sourced fresh produce, organic grains and pulses, and free range, high welfare animal products, all cooked in extra virgin coconut oil. We’re particularly proud of our single origin whole spice blends, sourced from our land in Sri Lanka – we use Ceylon cinnamon and cloves, sun-dried curry and pandan leaves, organic butterfly pea flower, Ceylon tea and more.

Ceylon and Beyond

Who We Are

Ceylon and Beyond was born out of friends and family sharing a common vision, to provide meaningful, genuine, quality food, catering for events across the spectrum.

Together our team holds experience in five star and Michelin awarded restaurants, culinary training across the globe, along with cross-industry backgrounds and worldwide travels influencing our signature style and approach. Our aim is to introduce unique and exciting flavours, paired with industry training and techniques, so that our customers can experience true balance in every mouthful.

We follow an ‘earth to plate’ philosophy, believing that every dish we make should resonate with its origins, honouring the vibrancy and enhancing the nature of each ingredient. We offer something authentic and different; whether it’s tantalising street food at a music festival, a plated menu for a special night, or to thrill your family and friends with bespoke tailored dining on your wedding day.

Honouring our Asian heritage and ancient medicine is key to us – the sensation of homeliness, comfort and wellbeing. Our spices are home grown, traditionally harvested and sun dried in a simple and timeless process, then imported to us in direct small batches. Clean and seasonal tastes, along with humble, playful and curious methods.

Ceylon and Beyond

Our Story

Starting off in street food markets in Bristol, in their first season the team had the opportunity to take their Sri Lankan food stall to some of the largest music events in the UK, including the Isle of Wight festival, Latitude festival, Shambala and more.

Simultaneously, they built a strong reputation for delivering professional and seamless fine dining events, travelling across the south west to parties and weddings with a delectable selection of bespoke menus. Now in its second year, the company is growing
into a flourishing catering and event provider, famous for some of the tastiest street food in Bristol and for their unique take on classic and fusion dishes.

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Ceylon and Beyond

Street Food

Our street food set up offers a diverse and colourful menu that’s perfect for larger outdoor public or private events, such as informal weddings, garden parties, or campsites. Check out our socials for up to date information on our whereabouts.

With a fuss-free set up, compostable serveware, and easy to manage portions, you can relax and enjoy the best of our native Sri Lankan cuisine. Expect traditional street snacks, classic thali-style rice and curry bowls, kothu roti, Sri Lankan hoppers, plus our tea bar with premium grade fair-trade Ceylon tea and medicinal herbal drinks.

Vegetarian and vegan friends will be exceptionally well catered for with some of the best meat-free options on the planet! Fully vegan menus are also available.

Herbalist and Ayurvedic Interests

Nutrition and Health

Our food naturally promotes a plant-based diet and we always offer vegan alternatives to encourage consumers to try different options. We also hold a Gold Bristol Eating Better award for healthy and sustainable food

We have done extensive work with and support vegan and vegetarian events across the UK, such as Vegan Markets, Vegan Fairs, Green Gathering, and Shambala festival

We use only whole foods, no processed ingredients, and believe in utilising herbs and spices to enhance wellbeing

“With our herbalist and Ayurvedic interests, we focus on phytotherapeutic and naturopathic ingredients, superfood stimulators, and energetic balancers.”

“With our herbalist and Ayurvedic interests, we focus on phytotherapeutic and naturopathic ingredients, superfood stimulators, and energetic balancers.”

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Locally Produced and Also From Sri Lanka


We use local produce, bought direct from Bristol Fruit Market – we choose UK grown as much as possible

Our meat and eggs are from Easter Compton Farm shop, who are supplied by local Somerset farmers, practicing traditional organic free range farming methods

Our spices are imported directly from Sri Lanka in small, quality batches – mostly from our own land, grown and harvested by local families

We use certified fair trade Ceylon tea, and organic natural herbs in our tea blends

FSA certified – ECO friendly

Reducing Waste

We use 100% compostable eco friendly disposable containers, and FSA certified wooden forks for our street food and event catering.

We are involved in Bristol street food market initiatives to impact waste, such as encouraging reusable lunch boxes and cups.

Maintaining a conscious and low waste use of energy – we have traded at solar powered events and are developing our catering offering using renewable sources only.

We prioritise events within 50 mile radius to reduce our carbon footprint from travel and transport.